LAITAURE  [Lájtávrre]

The crew behind Laitaure bike breathes bike, we spend 1000’s of km on saddle and two wheels as engaged exercise riders, we may not have competed in cycling, but our test team is absolutely of that caliber to know quality. The creation of the LAITAURE brand came up by accident, one thought gave birth to the other, and one day we were there. A bike brand had been created. After a year of tests and analyzes, we agree. We think quality, we think differently, we want to create discussions and be open to unique solutions with wide range.

//Steff – Founder & Creator






2021 gave us a good year, several progress has been made despite a shortage of products. The color scheme of the 2022 NoL1 is set, hopefully the first frames will arrive in January.

In 2022, we will receive several frames for you who want your own design of color and placement of logos.


Cyclo Cross, Gravel and Racer

Cyclo Cross, Gravel and Racer

We currently have no plans to launch CX / GRAVEL bike or RACER.

What is Laitaure [Lájtávrre]

If we tell you more about Laitaure bike, then we must stretch both higher and further up in Sweden, exactly 498 meters above sea level to latitudes that deter the comfortable – 67.13221 °, 18.29341 °

Laitaure is a Lapland mountain lake formed by the river Rapa and is located south of Sarek National Park. Lake Laitaure is located high among the Swedish mountains where hiking and biking trails are one of the few roads to nature Sarek.

The nature on the plateau above Laitaure is admirable.

The choice of the name Laitaure bike was for us obvious, the natural landscape with cycling and hiking in fantastic mountainous terrain.

Effort brings experiences, then we can enjoy what life gives us.    Laitaure – an experience of effort