New fresh frames has arrived. One special order on paint and logo, really nice choice with grey color and gold logo.



The year’s first delivery of frames will arrive shortly, some of them are special orders where the customer has designed colors on the frame and logo.


Enduro NoL3 travels to Gothenburg, will be tested, pressed and crushed. We will see who wins – NoL3 or Emil Melkersson.


Now our bikes / frames are ready to be ordered for season 2021, your own design from color to logo and your own choice of equipment. Let your creativity flow.

LAITAURE bike NoL1  an XC/trail

Are you looking for a really good XC / Trail bike with 120 mm travel for comfortable rides in mixed terrain or is the requirement a pretty decent light competition bike, a little bit over 9 kg with the highest performance for the toughest XCO tracks, then NoL1 is a good alternative that is enough.

LAITAURE bike NoL3  an Enduro

Enduro in carbon, straight through. Stable, robust and compliant, NoL3 maintains quality downhill with DVO or SR Suntour on fast trails with rock, roots and jumps. Regardless of equipment, NoL3 will give you as a cyclist an experience that can be compared. A self-designed bike frame also makes cycling life a little more, hmm!  satisfied.