Terms and guarantees

When you get your product: We recommend that you always check that the outer packaging is intact, that the packaging has no external damage. That you also see and feel the product so there are no marks, injuries or other visible defects. If you as a buyer see an injury or defects on the outer packaging and on the product, we recommend that you photograph the damage and contact us in writing via e-mail.

Return of goods: The buyer has 14 days full return right from the date the buyer received the goods. When returning goods, the buyer will pay for it. The goods must be returned in unchanged condition. You as a buyer may not use / test goods or otherwise handle it so that wear and tear occurs on the product. You can look, feel and examine the product. Imagine handling the product carefully and only to the extent required to determine the nature, characteristics and function of the product. One guideline is that you handle the product as you would in a store.

If you handle the product beyond what is permitted or if any part of the item is missing, you are responsible for the product’s reducing value, and we reserve the right to deduct for the reduction of value of the refund.

The product returned must be complete. Note that some products are sensitive and that in many cases original packaging must be used to return the product.
Always save the shipping / delivery note until the return is received by us.

Complaints: You should immediately check if the delivery corresponds to what you ordered. You should also check that the product / products have not been damaged during transport or that products are incorrect or missing.
Only original defects are covered by the claim, for example, the warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear. Complaints must be made within a reasonable time after the fault has been discovered – about 2 months.
L – bike and sports AB provides a two-year warranty on all equipment, as well as a eight year warranty on all bike frames from Laitaure bike.

The right to the claim applies only to the original owner and cannot be transferred.

If the product or products exhibit defects or damages, you may, in the circumstances, request a correction of the damage and / or return and / or receive a price reduction and / or cancel the purchase.

L – bike and sports AB have the right to correct the defects or damages in the first place by repair or re-delivery.
In case of errors or damages, we will always be responsible for the return.

We recommend that all complaints be made in writing to us.

Product warranty: L – bike and sports AB gives you two years warranty on all equipment, as well as a eight year warranty on all bike frames from Laitaure bike.

This warranty only applies to the original owner and cannot be transferred.

Complaints made under the warranty must be made through the dealer where the bike or product was purchased. An original receipt is required.

In addition to what is described, L – Bike and Sports AB offers no other warranties and representations of any kind.

How to take care of your purchased Laitaure bike and equipment is crucial for the product’s lifetime. Bikes require some regular service intervals. For service of bikes, we recommend that service is done at an authorized bicycle workshop.

Warranty does not apply to products that are incorrectly installed and / or not adjusted according to the respective manufacturer’s instructions.

The warranty does not cover damage to the product caused by a crash, external impact, misuse of the product. Nor does the warranty apply to non-compliance with the manufacturer’s specifications, use or other circumstances where the product has been subjected to forces or loads beyond its cunstruction and design.
The warranty does not apply when the product has been changed, does not apply when the serial number or production code has been changed, damaged or removed.

This warranty does not normally cover wear and tear on parts damaged due to normal use.

Stefan Lahti – founder and creator