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Project Swedish made XC L-bike 2024
innovation – design – prototype – production

The production steps show you the different product development stages required to create a prototype that is the basis for production. Your contribution helps us reach the various stages faster, more stable and at a safer pace.

  • Strategy €20 000 – research, design completion, tooling development and a complete design strategy document. The document defines the strategic direction for the design of the new L-bike 2024.
  • Development €30 000 – Select components as quality required, final frame geometry is locked, design and simulation of rear suspension kinematics of the bike, based on a single pivot set up with flex stays.
  • Prototype €45 000 – making prototype for visual adjustment and “final touch”
  • Test – Stress testing of the structure with vibration, pressure and compression with full documentation.
  • Production €30 000 – Handful frames will be manufactured, bikes are assembled and tested live by skilled tough riders. Quality is important.

The frame on the XC L-bike 2024 is a full carbon to reduce the weight, the design of the frame is based on several components that are glued together and create a complete frame. The foundation that controls the size of the frame is the bottom bracket and the steering head, where in between the geometry of the frame is created with specially designed carbon tubes that are held together with end sleeves as pivot and seat tube.


Your funding will make a big difference, all contributions go directly to the project such as design, construction, prototyping, stress testing, build up rack and assembly jig.
Digital images of the frame and design will appear shortly after the project is underway, until then you just have to trust that it will turn out great.
The surplus of your funding will be used as the basis for stage two of L-bike, and yes! there is a project plan no 2 which will be really nice.


There are several options for how you can give a funding outside Swedish borders, all to make it easy.

L-Bike and Sports AB
VAT no. SE559122064401

SWISH – 123 543 48 16 (L bike and sports AB) Selected countries are connected
BANK ACCOUNT – 8452-5 764 483 295 3 (Swedbank)
IBAN – SE71 8000 0845 2576 4483 2953


L Bike and Sports AB is incredibly grateful for your support, your contribution will help us develop Laitaure bike NoL2 with our own design, technology, prototype and manufacturing. Your support enables us to create a unique cross country frame that will also be manufactured in Sweden. (3D design will be presented shortly after project start)

Mark your gift with “L-bike 2024”
Mark the funding with “Free Gift” means that you give a funding without wanting anything in return, which we are of course grateful for, more will be over for the L-bike 2024 project.

Free gift – Thanks for your gift
100 € – *Goodie bag with bike-related products
300 € – *Goodie bag with bike-related products
500 € – *Goodie bag with bike-related products
1 000  – *Pair of wheels WTB Proterra i30, goodie bag
2 000 € – *Pair of wheels DUKE Lucky Jack SLS4 carbon 30,5mm, DT350, goodie bag
5 000 € – Bike frame incl. rear suspension (new model)
10 000  – Complet bike (new model) with XX1, DUKE, carbon stuff

*We only send marked gifts within Europe, bike frame and complete bike world wide.